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Welcome to realtime Sinhala unicode writer!

You need not to have any knowledge about Sinhala keyboard layout (Wijesekara or Windows) to use this application. All you need is to submit the content in the Singlish style. The app converts it to Sinhala Unicode.

For example:
Writing mala will generate මල in Sinhala Unicode which you can copy and paste to anywhere on Facebook, email, any other website or even in Word documents. We have also included a virtual keyboard which makes easier you to find key combinations of typing Sinhala in Singlish. Write Sinhala faster using Type in Sinhala, Sinhala Input.

This tool loads extremely quickly and converts really faster than Type in Sinhalese Google Transliteration tool or any other Sinhala Unicode conversion software. Type in Sinhala, Sinhala Unicode converter tool is included in Facebook as a Facebook app.

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සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න
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